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Friday, June 15, 2007

Secrets of Effective, Persuasive Money-Making Communications

Wouldn't it be exciting if you could get hundreds, thousands or
possibly even millions to know about you and your business - all,
for not much more than the cost of a nice dinner? You can!

Isn't that amazing?

After decades in this business, it still stops me in my tracks
to have such marketing power and it can work for you too... IF
you know what you're doing.

Sean Hannity, the nationally syndicated talk radio personality,
is joining Eric Seidel (Sean's mentor and coach) on a Free
teleseminar where they'll discuss how you can harness the power
of PR, leverage it to serve you, help you reach your goals and
grow your business.

Find out more here:


  1. Seminars are good only if you act on what you learn. there are people who ll attend every other seminar but not make use of what they ve learned , then its a waste of effort. Anyways PR does matter for SEO as well as link exchanges so this one should be good.

  2. Hi starleads, thats very true.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and posting.


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