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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Earning with Paid to Read & Click Programs

ClixSense-You can earn money by clicking on ads and watching them for 30 seconds!
I already have $27.55 in my account and I have not been spending as much time clicking as I should. If you get referrals and they upgrade by the end of April, you get $5.00 deposited directly into your account, but no one has to upgrade. Upgrading is to view premium ads that pay you more and it is only $10.00 to upgrade.
Minimum payout is $10.
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Get Paid To Read Ads Daily- This is one of the better ones and your earnings will accumulate fast if you follow the directions and you get your referrals to do the same.

You have to daily or at least 3 times weekly(to be coinsidered active) sign in your account, and read a few email ads that will be in your inbox, takes 5-10 minutes daily. Complete offers for additional money, and for each referral that is active you'll earn $1.
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DealBarbiePays has a 3 level referral system and over $26,000 in offers to complete!! For each first level referral, you are paid 15% of their earnings. For second level referrals, you are paid 3%. For third level referrals, you are paid 2%. All new users receive a $3 sign up bonus. There are also lots of contests, promos, and a game where you can earn a lot of extra cash. Minimum payout is $20.
With this additional 3rd level, you could potentially build a huge downline.
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Wow Earnings will pay you $5 just for joining.
They have paid over $12,500.00 to members since their launch in August, 2003.
They pay you $0.001 - $0.01 for each read email received, $5.00 just for joining, $3.00 for each person you refer and $1 for each person your referrals refer!
But your potential income doesn't stop there. You can earn tons of FREE CASH by completing our Quick Cash Offers ($0.10 - $40.00 per offer) and free paid surveys!
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MyFreeShares-You will get paid daily just for being our member !

We share our earnings with ALL our FREE members EVERY DAY !
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Send Earnings has a $3.00 sign up bonus (bonus is for USA users, but users from other countries can join). There are various ways to make money including paid to read e-mails, surveys, and tons of offers. You are paid $5.00 for ever referral (when they request their first check). You also receive a small percentage of earnings from the paid emails that your referrals read.
Minimum payout is $40.
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Inbox Dollars-Take Surveys & Read Emails to Earn Extra Cash.

Inbox Dollars is a lot like Send Earnings except there is a $5.00 sign up bonus for USA users. Minimum payout is $30.
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CashCrate-has a new referral payout system. You start at 20% for first level referrals and 10% for second level referrals. You can ultimately reach a 30%/20% payout level!! No other site referral payout is this good!.
Minimum payout is only $10.
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AdBux, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through PayPal. The minimum payout is $10.00.
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This is all for today. I've done very well with some of these and I hope anyone that joins these does well too. If you need any help or have any questions I'd be glad to help you.
PS. I know some people don't like to click on referral links because they don't want to pay anyone for a referral but your not paying or losing anything, the site pays and you have to remember whats comes around goes around.

Also if you go directly to the site most of these programs to join, theywill just randomly pick your referrer, someone that you don't even know and that didn't help you.

You can't expect people to click on your referral or affiliate links if you don't click and use anyone elses.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

How is your AGLOCO Community Growing?

Here are some home page highlights from AGLOCO's website in case somehow you haven't seen it yet.

Do You Realize How Valuable You Are?
Advertisers, search providers, and online retailers are paying billions to reach you while you surf. How much of that money are you getting?

You Deserve A Piece of the Action
AGLOCO gets paid by companies to reach our Members through our Viewbar™ software.We give that money back to you.

Build the Community, Make More Money
Through our Referral Program, we reward those who are helping to build this Global Community. The bigger the community, the more money AGLOCO makes for its Members.

NOTE: The AGLOCO Viewbar™ is currently in limited beta testing and is not yet available for download. We expect that it will start to be available to download in several weeks. It will be released to Members in the order in which Members signed up. No testers are receiving any earnings while using the Viewbar™ in this testing phase. For now, we ask you to build the community, because both you and AGLOCO make more if you grow the community.
The Viewbar™ also has many additional features:

* Search (which lets us get you money from search engine companies)
* Contextual ads (which lets us get you money from advertisers)
* Anti-fraud and other software utilities (which lets us get you money from software companies)

Check out their website for more details or to join.


Bill Gates, who knows a lot about business on the web, said recently: "AGLOCO is the best internet business opportunity I have ever seen for anyone without much capital. Our prediction is that it will be as big as Google, and they are giving it away. Simply amazing!"

AGLOCO is(A Global Community) Sign up for free

*Get it for free *Surf *Make a Little $$ *Pass it on & Make a Lot of $$$

It's 'So Simple',

Join Now! It’s free!

I'm up to almost 100 referrals now. Not much compared to some but I'll get there.

Web Traffic Marketing

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Trading Penny Stocks

I just read this interesting article on Penny Trading and this guy seems to know what hes doing. Hes had amazing results.
So intriguing I think I'm going to give it a shot especially with the deal hes giving. You have 8 weeks to try his offer and you can even postdate your check, and if its not as good as he claims he'll give you your check back. And well if its as good as he claims who cares if he cashes my check. It doesn't cost much anyway.
Heres part of the article.

My name is Tom Hunter. I think you may want to call me as soon as you read this message. If so, my number is (020)4429353.

Maybe you’ll even want to visit me. In case you do, I’m located at Grant House, Leeds (United Kingdom). That’s right across from City Hall and exactly opposite the Public Library.

Anyway, here’s why I’m writing:
Above: Michael and His Father in 1999

If you would like to know about an unusual way to make serious money trading Penny Stocks (and make it very fast). This may be the most important message you will ever read.

First, let me say, this is a rather unusual story. You see, back in 1987 one of America’s top trading gurus began publishing a weekly newsletter.

A newsletter soon to become not only one of the most respected, but also “THE” most profitable resource on earth for discovering hot and extremely profitable penny stock trades... week after week... month after month... year after year... for 15 years!

This newsletter is one of the oldest of its kind, and the small minority of people privileged and lucky enough to be signed up over the years.....

Have Literally Made Untold Millions Of Dollars
Just From Doing Exactly As The Advice Suggests...
No More And No Less!

To read the rest click here.

Has anyone had any luck with this? I'll update how I do.

Many Ways to Get more Leads

I've started using Sales Spider to get more leads. The site is a search engine for sales leads and prospects. It finds the leads, posts them up for free, and all we have to do is work them. You can even have them emailed to your desk daily!

Membership is free, and it takes less than a minute to sign up.

Here's the address for the site, just copy and paste it into your browser:

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Why buy leads when you can generate them online FREE like I do?

I am SO confident in my online system that I will GIVE you a $389 Value Voucher to try it. You will never have to pay me a DIME to use this online system.

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It does not matter WHAT you are trying to sell online or offline. If you do not have a LIST of
people to market to, you are "Stuck In The MUD" no matter HOW great your product, mlm company or compensation plan is. If you have a down line in your current MLM, I will allow THEM to use this free also..Imagine what it COULD do for expanding your current team!

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yes it's Thursday, PayDay!!!

If you've haven't joined MyWorldPlus yet, I hope for your sake you join before tonight when hundreds of new members below you will pass you by forever.

Tonight's cut-off is going to be Huge!!

If your already pre-enrolled come listen in tonight's Live call. If you need the number let me know.
The call starts at 9pm EST, make sure your a few minutes early to get in before its full.

If your just hearing about MyWorldPlus for the first time and your not sure what all the excitement is about, you can Take the Free Tour to see for yourself or you can Go Here to watch the free movie clip to fill you in on this exciting opportunity!

MyWorldPlus is having 2 promotions for all members.
The top 10 recruiters this month will win cash, and so far Rachel looks like she might win with over 120 personally enrolled members already for this month!! If she wins she'll get $1,000 cash! Good for you Rachel!!

Also the 3 members that save the most money with their membership will win cash & prizes too. The top prize for for the member that saves the most money from their membership is a new laptop computer! So far the person in the lead is Howard. He saved over $1,000 just from one item so far this month!
Go Howard!!!

Wow just shows you how much you can save being a member with MyWorldPlus!! You can literally save thousands each and every month with your membership!

I can't understand how anyone wouldn't join, do you?? If you spend $2o a month at the store, you can afford to join, who doesn't want to save hundreds, or thousands every month.

If I said give me $20 and I'll give you hundreds or thousands of dollars back, would you do it? Of course you would!! You'd be crazy not too, and this is the same.
Its crazy not to join and save tons of money!!

On your membership website you'll have hundreds of dollars in coupons each month, plus hundreds of dollars in buy 1 get 1 free offers, plus money refunds when you buy items and so much more!! Besides restaurants, you can save on clothes, hotels, cruises, renting cars, movies, sporting events, golf skiing, food shopping, electonics stores.
Just about any kind of store you can think of is part of your savings when you join.

You just can't imagine how much you can save til you actually see it! I know it was much better than I expected. I was leary of joining like I'm sure you are, because I know so many so called opportunites are just scams. I've been there, done that and don't plan on going back! I could just tell this was different and boy was I right! The savings are unreal!!

Every day you wait to join, your just giving money away. Stop giving away all your money and start saving! I know you won't be sorry.

I hope to see your name on the call tonight, and I hope to see your name on list of winners soon too!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Learn Exactly How Mike Filsaime Made His Fortune Online

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I'm sure you've read about how Butterfly Marketing has changed
the lives and businesses of hundreds of people.

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Don't wait, the price could go back up any day.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Interesting Sites

You get paid for doing searches, and referring others. It also has a cool function that allows you to do searches for ebay misprints so you can save money on auctions that aren't being seen because of mispelled words.

Another cool search site. allows you to make money by signing up with your AdSense account and generating traffic to your search page. When an ad on that page is clicked, you'll get paid!
It's important to remember that although traffic is randomly spread across the network, members with more referrals and / or active members (those that use our search) will benefit from increased traffic to their search page (resulting in higher revenue potential).
You get paid from Google if you have an adsense account. Heres google's link.

How to Tutorials & Cool Smilies for Websites

The Best Marketing Forums & Free Advertising

Amazon Honor System

Click Here to Pay
Learn More

MacroBucks-Get Free Stuff

You choose what you want to earn for. You have to complete a couple offers I think you only need to complete 2 for all items and then refer members.

Heres the choices and how many referrals you need:

$160 Paypal- Need 2 referrals
$240 Paypal-Need 3 referrals
$320 Paypal-Need 4 referrals
$400 Paypal-Need 5 referrals
$480 Paypal-Need 6 referrals
$560 Paypal-Need 7 referrals

Wii -Need 3 referrals
PS3 60 GB +$25 Paypal-Need 8 referrals
30 GB iPod-Need 3 referrals
Any Console Game-Need 1 referral

$1,040 Paypal or Check-Need 13 referrals

So basically you register and complete 2 offers, and then refer however many people you need depending n what you want.

Seems easy enough, especially if you have a lot of friends that will want to join and do it too.

When you earn your free item I'd love to hear about it if you want to come back and post.

Heres the link: Free Stuff

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Get Paid To Read Advertising!

This is a new program that has great potential and its completely FREE to join and no monthly fees!
Everybody that joins will earn money with this program!! No exceptions!!

Trust me you want to check this out!

Go Take a Peek and Join Now!

MyWorldPlus- A Work-At-Home Business That Really Pays!

Like many I've been looking for years for a real work at home opportunity that wasn't just a scam and I believe, no I know I finally found a true work at home business.

Let me tell you just a little about it and if you like how it sounds then check their site and take the free no obligation tour.
I took the free tour and then before joining, I did some searching online to see what people were saying and to see if people were being paid. I only found good things and I saw checks being paid, nobody complaining which says a lot to me. If they didn't pay people would be writing about it and now that I joined I have proof for myself that they do indeed pay.

Ok so heres a little about the business.
It is a Powerful Money Saving program on things you already buy, and also gives you 5 different ways to earn money. If you eat out and/or shop then you can save hundreds to thousands a month, and thats not including the earnings you can make. You'll get a discount card that can be used at over 700 restaurants(McDonalds, PizzaHut, etc.) and stores worldwide.
Wouldn't you like to hear about a product that not only MAKES-YOU-MONEY, but SAVES you money as well?
What other MLM does that? None that I know of, that's who.
If you like what your hearing, go take the free no obligation tour.
Take the Free Tour Today!

PS. For the month of April we are having a Promotion where members can win great prizes, including a New Dell laptop, cash up to $1,000, and more!

Theres many other ways to earn an income from home and I'll be posting them so keep checking back,but if your looking for a solid business that you'll not only earn good money from, but also save then check this out.