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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Join Virtual Community & Earn Money

Weblo is a virtual world based on the real world. Members earn real money by owning online replicas of real cities, states, famous properties and internet domain names.

Join the Weblo Virtual World. Inside, Own any Real-World property. Build Profiles For Free, and get Paid! Free Sign-Up.

Members also claim FREE celebrity gossip fan sites. Members create sites and get paid for their popularity via internet advertising. Owners of cities and states earn additional money from transaction fees in their territories and by selling their virtual investment properties for a profit.

Join and get 10$ for free


  1. Weblo was great for me and still his!!! I made more then 10% of my invest in lest then 8 months...Thats mean more then 500$.First peoples was sacarstic about the hole idea,but now!!! I make money and I'm happy to be a forts day member!!!

  2. Thats great Rick! I'm glad your doing so well with Weblo!


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