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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

JVRevolution - A new idea in ad trading!

Have you noticed just how popular joint venture marketing has become? Everywhere you look, people are searching for new business partners to help increase their prospect and customer base.

And no wonder they use joint ventures... Simply put, they truly work and the benefits are great.

If there's one sure way to increase your profits, then joint ventures (JV's) are a sure way to achieve that end. Often you'll be able to participate free of charge and grow your network of JV partners in no time.

That's why we just released the new version of JV Revolution. In a growing industry, you need instant access to targeted business partners from the convenience of your desktop.

Take a look here

JVRevolution caters to the needs of busy online marketers who want to make their JV partnering quicker and easier than ever before. It's smart business owners like our members who recognize the true benefits to be had by joint venturing...

As a matter of fact, we have a $67 bonus for you that discusses in detail 50 Benefits of JV Marketing with you when you signup to our program today. It's a real eye-opener that will give you some great ideas for future action plans you can implement with ease.

Take a look here at the advanced features JV Revolution has to offer you!

We have three membership levels, but the cream of the crop is definitely the reseller membership level. It's perfectly crafted for marketers who actively network and want increased profits by adding extra value to their existing business services.

By becoming a reseller member, you can:

:: Resell as many JVRevolution accounts as you wish and keep the profits!

:: Give accounts away as a free bonus from your web site if you prefer.

:: You can add accounts manually from your own admin area when you receive sign-ups through your link.

:: You can email the list of members that you have signed up through your link. Just think, it's like an instant list of potential JV partners!

Compare our prices and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the lack of a monthly fee or a huge dent in your pocket. You pay only once and that's it. No more fees to bother you each month.

Visit our site and sign-up as a valued Reseller today. Then be ready to build a targeted list of active marketers who will steadily increase your profits.

Here's the link to join:

To your success,

PS: While you're at the site, make sure you take a look at the 16 different types of joint ventures that you can participate or add an offer to. It's like an instant marketplace where you can create new strategic alliances.

Become a reseller today.