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Monday, December 17, 2007

GET PAID Online By Just Sharing Free Videos!

Do you share any videos on google video, and other types of video websites… for free?
If you’re doing that for fun and NOT GETTING PAID at all, you’re leaving money on the table. Yep, no kidding. I did that last time as well, when I was getting over 150,000 views a day from Google Video alone.

But now, I’ve grown smarter.

I’ve found a way how to make money online while sharing my videos for free by using a step-by-step system and… it’s quick and easy! Well, the good news is I’m going to share THE EXACT system with you, so that you can start making money from your first video sharing today.

Just in case, if you are not sharing any videos online but just watching them for fun, it’s time to get started because it’s so easy to create an income for you.

A normal scenario is …

You have a video you want to share for fun and you put it up at Google Video or That’s it. Right, you’ll have the entertainment and fun but you won’t get richer.

But now you can use the “Home Video Cash System” for free to make money online by just sharing your own or other people’s video!

Yes, I did mention it’s free and you can use other people’s video too.

If you notice each time when you’re watching a video clip in Google Video, YouTube, etc, there are advertising ads on that webpage.

That’s how all of these sites make money. They sell ad spaces and charge the advertisers for a fee for that.

Listen. It’s really hard for me to explain how it works technically. That’s why, you have to register below to get the whole big picture and I’m sure you’ll be excited. This could be the biggest thing since sliced bread!

But basically, you’ll have your own customized website (It’ll all be taken care of by the full-proof propriety system) and this customized website of yours, will display your videos. There are advertising ads automatically shown on this website of yours and you’ll GET PAID each time someone clicks on them! You read that right – You can get paid when NO ONE BUYS ANYTHING! You get paid per click. So share your video with your friends for fun through this website of yours and you’ll be able to make money online.

(*The system will create for you your customized website and you’ll be provided with the instructions how to use it after signing up for free below.)

The question is… why are you letting them to earn all of the profit?

1. If you don't already have one, register for your free Adsense account below.

2. Register with Videosense to start earning money by sharing videos you added from loading (embedding) videos from YouTube and GoogleVideo. Make sure you add your Adsense publishers id.

Want to earn even more money and go viral?

Social Networking sites such as Yuwie, and MySpace have been growing in popularity with more ways to earn extra money. Load your Videos from Videosense onto your Social Network sites to give you a bonus of income potential! The more sites you load your videos, the more people will see them, which means more income potential and all the sites are FREE to join.

Make sure you link all your sites to reach more readers!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Michael Badger brings you a new kind of affiliate program

What is different about this one?


You never have to buy anything, sell anything or recruit anyone! It sounds unrealistic at first, but the plan of how this is going to be accomplished is laid out for you right on the homepage.

Basically, it is a profit share for a new service that will soon be launched. A portion of the profits from the service will be allocated to go to the pool of people that sign up to receive a share of it NOW!

This is not one of those profit shares where you HAVE to be a paying member of the service to get a part of it. In fact, once the service is launched, people will NO LONGER be able to get onto the earnings pool list! So, as the service grows in popularity, the amount given to the pool will go UP but the number of people in the pool will STAY THE SAME! As earnings rise, your share will rise too!


No strings attached!

Of course, this IS an affiliate program, so there are some benefits when you refer people…. BIG benefits.

But think about it for a minute - how easy would it be for you to promote an affiliate program if you could tell people there was free money for the taking JUST for signing up?

This is going to be the easiest affiliate program you have EVER promoted!

And here are the big benefits you get when you refer people:

1. You get another spot in the earnings pool for every person you refer who signs up for a portion of the free money! How easy is that!?

2. Plus, when the new service launches, it will be a paid-monthly service. When ANY of your free referrals at MichaelBadger decides to become a member of the new service, they will be YOUR referrals in the new program, and YOU will receive a monthly commission on the sale! Even if you yourself NEVER become a paying member of the new service! This is an easy way to secure a residual monthly income for a long time!

3. There is a product package at MichaelBadger that members are offered one time only immediately after they signup. If your referrals buy that package, you will get a commission on that sale. It is a great package, and you get upgraded to Premium Member for free when you buy it, so a lot of your referrals will probably make the purchase.
So, this is NOT just an interesting pre-launch for the new service. You can start making income promoting MichaelBadger right away!

So to just to recap:

- It is FREE to join.
- You get free MONTHLY income just for signing up
- If you choose to tell people about the free money they can also get, you will get huge rewards for doing so.

This is easily going to be one of the simplest programs you will ever promote!

Go sign up now because this is going to be huge!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lazy Man's Way to Wealth

Have you found yourself wading through a sea of ebooks, audios, and videos, only to be right back at square 1 again?

Most of us have been there at some point in our marketing careers.

And you know what? The one thing that’s always bothered me is when I see a piece of sales copy for a product and it says...

“Step by step strategies”...”No theories or generalities here”...

Then after reading the material I am right back at square 1 with no plan to follow...with no direction except some generic idea about the way the process works.

Hmm. Does that sound like step by step?

And does this sound familiar to you at all?

Well, you know what? Theories are fine for professors and academics but when it comes to learning how to make money online...

I don’t want or need hypothesis.

I want someone to tell me to start at point A, then move to point B, then advertise at point C, and so on and so on until I have money coming out my pores.

That’s why I am so ecstatic about something my friend Nick Marks is doing. He’s unleashing his new system unto the world.

And he’s doing it in a way that you will have step by every little step handholding so that you know exactly what to do and exactly when to do it.

There’s no guessing...

There’s no trying to fit together pieces to a puzzle.

It’s almost as if he stopped by your house and did it for you.

If you’re tired of trying to translate those theoretical Internet marketing products into some kind of workable system....

And you’re ready to take your life to a level you never even imagined possible.

Then you need to check out immediately, before Nick fills all the open spots.

With the way people are already raking it in I wouldn’t be surprised to see this offer off the table in just days.

Go there now while you still can!

Here’s To Your Incredible Success,

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Guaranteed Traffic That's Simple, Automated and Guaranteed

There are as so many ways to promote a web site these days, it's hard to know what to try. The problem with many of the advertising methods out there include:

- It's just too expensive, even to just "try it out"
- It's too time consuming
- It's outdated and no longer as effective as it used to be
- It's a complex or unproven method
- It doesn't matter what type of product or service you are selling ... or even if it's your own site or someone else's (like an affiliate program) - we all need traffic each and every day or we won't have sales.

The great news is that Sam Robbins has written another beautiful article about a proven advertising method that:

- Lets you test the waters without breaking the bank
- Is completely automated
- Continues to be effective
- Is so simple to implement, anyone can do it

With that said, please read Sam's article on one of the most successful online campaigns ever by and how you can copy their automated tactic of generating 10,000 to 1,000,000 or more visitors to YOUR site this month (or whenever you'd like).

Click the link below to read the article.

P.S. It's simple ... proven ... and best of all, guaranteed!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Save & Earn Money Shopping in Your Own Mall!

If you're like me you love to shop and save money, and get the best deals you can find. If so, I'm sure you're going to love this! You can own your own Power Mall to shop and save from. Your Power Mall includes over 1,000 of your favorite stores!

Your Power Mall, and everything contained within it is FREE!
The idea is genius! Ginny Dye's the CEO's motto is: "Harnessing the Power of Online Spending to Change Lives."

You simply sign up and receive a free shopping mall which you get to name. Click my link, it takes you straight to my mall "Bargain Shopping" You'll see the title in the top right corner. You never sell anything.
Plus not only can you shop at your own mall but you can earn extra money by telling others about it and giving them their own mall to shop from. And to top it off, you earn rebates on YOUR purchases, and you earn rebates from EVERY person who purchases from their mall that is on your team.

Note: This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is a real business, and if you put the in the time and effort to tell as many people as you can, use the FREE tools to print flyers, and tell your family and friends through the free e-cards, you WILL not only save money, but achieve financial freedom, through this website alone! This is my ultimate goal, and I'm getting there!!

You have nothing to lose from getting your own mall! The stores are ones you probably shop at online anyway!! Like Target, K-Mart, Sears, Lane Bryant,, Macy's, Sephora, Old Navy, Gap, KBToys, Officemax, Home Depot, Starbucks, ebags, etc. They even have a giftcard emporium where you can buy giftcards from over 300 stores! There's also a website called MagsforLess where you literally can pick up a subscription to, let's say, Woman's Day magazine, for $4.99/yr!!
I'm not kidding. There are MANY other titles.

Be proud to share this with everyone. You are not selling anything to anyone. It's giving them, for FREE, the chance to have their own business to save money and become financially free! The income potential is UNLIMITED!!! PLEASE CLICK ON THE BANNER BELOW, and it'll take you there. Choose either a personal mall (to earn rebates for your own shopping ONLY) or business mall (to become financially free) and watch the 10 minute movie. I promise you that you will email me to thank me, and that your life will begin to change!

Oh I almost forgot to mention that any purchase made through any mall goes to support Ginny's "One Child at A Time" Program, which sponsors one child at a time and their family to get them the supplies and meet the needs to imporove their quality of life? Have you ever heard of a more amazing opportunity?

My Power Mall is non-profit, and listed with the BBB.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Got Paid While Promoting My Business!

I Got Paid While Promoting My Business!

I'm doing it at APSense! It is a web 2.0 business social network
that pays you while they are promoting and growing your business.

But guess what? They paid me and I never spent a dime!

Here is how it worked for me, in 5 Easy Steps:

STEP 1 - I registered and setup my personal and business profile.
You can register here:

STEP 2 - Then I explored and joined a few APSense interest groups,
they have so many.

SETP 3 - Then I started writing some useful blogs and group
discussions content pages.

SETP 4 - In these pages APSense provide a special Ad Space where
I posted advertisements for my current business.

SETP 5 - That was it! While I advertised my business, APSense
was also paying me when people viewed my content pages.

But that's not all, they also paid me when the friends that
I invited into my network do the same thing that I'm doing.
Of course this is one of the reasons why I'm inviting you
to join my network at APSense.

So please check out APSense at the following invitation link:

"The business social network that pays you while you make your
business grow."

You can thank me later!

Best Regards,

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Get $25 for Free Right Now from WidgetBucks!

If you haven't signed up with WidgetBucks yet, what are you waiting for?

It's not too late to get started and recieve the special sign-up bonus of $25!!

Your site visitors want one thing: your content.

Why not make a little cash by displaying rich media ad widgets that complement what you have to say?
So lets say you have a digital camera blog, WidgetBucks will show top selling digital cameras next to your posts.

Some Cool Features:

  • The widget content is automatically customized to your blog content!

  • Compliments existing programs, such as Google AdSense.

  • Product listings from 30,000 merchants including trusted leading brands.

  • Our widgets see $3-$6 CPM — pretty good compared to traditional ad networks that deliver less than $2 CPM.

  • Publishers and bloggers can get the ball rolling with WidgetBucks' instant $25 sign-up bonus, which gets you half way to your first check!

  • Payouts to affiliates are monthly!

Sign up now & customize your widget, get your code, put it on your blog & start earning money for each click you get.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks

Want to see how it looks before deciding?

Here is a preview of the Widget:

There is Hidden Cash in MySpace!

Social networking is the hottest trend of the decade. Thousands of companies will pay you to simply recommend their products to others.

With this MySpace opportunity you can even make money while you sleep! Imagine making money while you vacation and pursue your hobbies! That’s the lifestyle “Social Networking” offers. And best of all, it's easy to learn!

Find out more!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Earn Thousands with Your Free Clickbank Mall!!

Earn great money with your very own ClickBank Mall filled with over 25000 Downloads of eBooks, Software & Information!

A few facts about your mall:

  • When others purchase anything from your online Mall, you can earn up to 75% of the price as commission.
  • Refer others to this free affiliate program and get 5% of your links ( over 4000 links ) in each of their Malls, Search results & Clickbank Ads with your Clickbank nickname and earn more money.
  • Extremely easy link formats for all the pages of your Mall.
  • Visitors can Bookmark each Site in your Mall and the links contain your Clickbank nickname. You can earn commission even if your visitor purchases after any number of days, months or years.
  • You can create your own 'My Favorites' type of web page with your favorite products and promote it anywhere.
  • Member Area to track your visitors, Number of clicks to your Mall and other pages, sub-affiliates and more.
  • Free Link Cloaking / Shortening / Hiding Service to hide your affiliate links.
  • Affiliate Forum support for all members. You can find answers to most of your questions in our Affiliate forum.
  • Absolutely FREE to join for Free members. We never ask Free members to pay anything.
And that's just a few of the great features of your mall!
Theres so much more!

All that is needed to join is a clickbank id to get started earning from your own mall today, for free!!

If you don't have a clickbank id, you can go to Clickbank and get one now, it only takes a few minutes, then you can register for your free mall.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Super Affiliate Handbook

SuperAffiliateHandbookRead the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earned 436,797+ in 2002 and now earns MUCH MORE than that ... just by selling other people's stuff online!

In her down-to-earth, sincere and often humorous style, Rosalind Gardner guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business on the 'Net.

Frequently revised and updated to reflect industry changes, the Super Affiliate Handbook now consists of 235 pages and 235 screenshots that will show you step-by-step how to become a Super Affiliate. , you'll learn how to pick the best programs, negotiate a commission raise and save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting.

To learn exactly how she does it, Click Here.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Free Video - How To Turn $20 Into A Million Bucks

I have to tell you about this incredible one time opportunity to discover the secrets
of one of the internet marketing elite.

His name is Russell Brunson. He”s been making money online ever since he was in college.

In fact, one of his first successes was being able to turn a $20 and a simple idea into a million dollar business.

But here”s the best part: He did it while going to school full time, participating on the wrestling team, and without ANY prior business experience at all.

In other words, he experienced everything that holds internet marketing newbies back: no time, no money, and no experience.

You can discover his moneymaking secrets that”ll enable you to earn cash like clockwork by heading over to:

You”ll get instant access to a 118 minute video where he outlines how he built a million dollar online business out of a measly 20 bucks.

So get a jumpstart on your internet marketing career by checking out:

Believe me, Russell is the read deal. Some of the strategies he reveals I haven”t seen in ANY ebook or marketing course. This guy knows how to make money online, and you”ll be blown away at some of the secrets he reveals in this video.

Russel also has a great forum that rewards members for posting. Its called Conquer Your Niche. Its free to join of course, and you’ll get to display an ad on the forum. And he'll give you advertisement credits every time you post, reply, or even READ a post. Its really a great forum, you can check it out here.

I hope you all have a profitable day today!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

They laughed when he said he was giving this away

It's true.
For a very limited time...

Shawn Casey is giving away the same secrets that have helped
over 100,000 of his customers to start raking in big bucks online.

Why is he doing something this crazy? Because some people refuse
to accept the proof of how successful his customers are.

So they dared him to give away some of his best stuff
to prove it really works. Of course, they never dreamed
that he'd accept the challenge. They thought he'd run away
and hide like so many of those so-called "gurus". But he won't
do that because he's the real deal.

What does this mean for you?

For a very limited time, Shawn will give you his Internet Business-
In-A-Box that retails for $497. That's right. Your cost is

But he's only doing this for a short while so you'd better
grab this info before he completes this challenge. Because
then he's not giving this away any longer.

Go here now to grab your gratis copy of Shawn's $497 Internet
Business-In-A-Box before this limited test ends.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Top 10 Surf Exchanges

1. EasyHits4You - Free 1:1 Traffic Exchange. 5-tier referral program.
Promote unlimited number of banners for FREE (No upgrade required)

2. WebMasterQuest - Free Traffic Exchange and search directory. Add multiple sites, banners and text links with clickthrough reporting stats. Surf for real cash or take a break and play games for both traffic and cash!. Traffic prizes to be won 24/7.

3. TS25 - Get a FREE traffic downline of up to 2500 in as little as a week!
Up to 100 new members added to your downline every month!
Earn thousands of hits to your website every week!

4. CashClicking - The leading traffic exchange marketplace. Surf, Earn Money, Play Games, Buy & Sell Traffic Credits.

5. TrafficPods - New, Ladder style, Rank based Traffic exchange.

6. AdLandPro Traffic Exchange - Drive traffic to your business by putting it in front of nearly 130,000 Active Users!

7. Soaring4Traffic - NEW Generate High Flying Traffic to Your Websites, Blogs, Banners, Text Links! - Swoop Down and Seize Your Success!

8. ShareAdSpace - Surf & Earn, PTP Exchange, PTC Ads, Sell Ad Credits, Match Game, and much more. This is a great exchange, and one of the largest.

9. TrafficG - Start, Banner, Surf, and Search Exchange in One!!
Option to sell your credits to other members at good prices!
Monthly Referral Contest with great Prizes!

I Love Hits - has been online since 2001 so they have a lot of Members!
Good Surfing Ratios with a lot of Unique hits for your Credits!
1 Referral Level, Great Customer Support

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The #1 Affiliate Program?

Since 1997, has delivered "E-business success. Simple. Real."

Over 100,000 entrepreneurs & small businesses outperform large competitors.

Clients tell us what they need to succeed. The result?
Site Build It!

"Why Just Build A Site
When You Could Build A Business?"

Site Build It! ("SBI!") is Web hosting that works.

SBI! owners do not just "put up Web sites." They build genuine, profitable, evergrowing businesses. And that, in turn, delivers life-changing freedom (the "It!" in Site Build It!).

You can do the same with SBI!

Need More Information? Visit The Complete SBI! Site

SBI! handles all the technology and complexity for you. All the tools, all in one place, all for one price, and all tied together into a straightforward, step-by-step process that works.

SBI! WORKS For Any Small Business! SBI! builds sites that WORK.
All kinds of sites, for all kinds of SSBs, in all kinds of industries.

And all in the Top 1% of all sites. Still don't believe it?

Want to see the proof?
Here you go... hundreds of successful SBIers all on one site. I guarantee you'll never find a Web host that can display results like this.

Alexa Point Test

Have any questions, click here to ask.

Simply put SBI sells and is the #1 affiliate program for everyone from webmasters, work at home moms, travel agents, to real estate agents, and all.

You'll make fantastic money!
Now that you see all the benefits of SBI, don't you want to join up their fantastic affiliate program!!

Your customers will thank you!

Monday, August 6, 2007

More Money Makers

MatrixMails - Get paid MatrixMails pays between $3 and $30 to write articles depending on the quality of your article.
Get paid to try offers, Get paid to click, Get paid to read, Get paid to Search!

There is No Minimum payout limit for sign-up offers! Whether you've reached the minimum payout or not, it doesn't matter! You will be able to request your earnings without any restrictions!

Get paid to Play available to only United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands and Italy.

Target Bux, is free worldwide paid to click profit-sharing website that unites advertisers, members and everyday internet surfers together.
Members can view an ad once every 24 hours and get credit for it. When members view the ad, a 30 second timer counts down and the member receives 1 cent. That’s it! No catch, just read the advertisements, let the 30 second timer count down and you get 1 cent for each advertisement in your account. Purchase referrals, weekly referral and cash giveaways,
$7.00 Payout, Payouts through Paypal

PayCage is a great site, you'll receive a $2 sign up bonus. For 1st level referrals, you are paid 18%! For 2nd level referrals, you are paid 4%, 3rd level referrals you are paid 2%. Paycage has one of the highest first level referral payouts!! Best newer GPT Site!!

Cash Duck has a 3 level referral system. For each 1st level referral, you are paid 10% of their earnings. For 2nd level referrals, you are paid 4%. And for 3rd level referrals, you are paid 2%.Members must be 18 years old or older. United States ONLY.

Cash Café must be at least 13 years old. Members must reside in the United States or Canada ONLY! 3 Referral Levels, high payouts/approval levels.
Minimum payment is $10.

CashCrate has the highest referral payouts. You start at 20% for 1st level referrals and 10% for 2nd level referrals. But ultimately you can reach a 30%/20% payout level! No other site even comes close. Receive a $3.00 bonus for EVERY member you refer who reaches the $10 minimum payout. CashCrate has also added a UK offer section.

Cash Lagoon was designed by a couple of partners who thought it was time for a change in the pay to sign-up sites. While there are dozens of sites similar to theirs, they are the ONLY site that pays out in less than 24 hours AND has a very low minimum cash out of only $5.00
Get paid by PayPal, check, or a gift card!

Spare Stash is similar to CashCrate. $1.00 sign up bonus. The 1st level referral payout is 16%. The 2nd level payout is 7%. Spare Stash has great offers and a lot of contests.

TreasureTrooper- Complete some offers. Most of them are free trials with payouts ranging anywhere from 5 to 50 dollars!
2 Referral Levels, high payout for referral earnings!

Pocket Cash is a lot like CashCrate and TreasureTrooper. The first level referral payout is 12% and the second level is 5%.

DealBarbiePays - 3 Referral Levels & high payouts/approval level!! Besides the offers, there are lots of contests, promos, and a game where you can earn a lot of extra cash.
Everyone love this site!! $5 sign up bonus!

PureProfile - Get paid to complete offers, surveys, invite friends, and more.

A great way to earn money is to start your own get paid site at ShiftCode
If you start your own let me know and I'd be happy to join and help promote you.

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Free ebook download-Income4dummies

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Adlink Units: Are They Worth It?

When Google first launched AdSense, there was some skepticism from publishers. As much as most people were blown away by the idea of ads that were targeted to the content of a Web page there was the question of whether users, used to banners and skyscrapers, would click on something that looked so different.

Boy, were those doubters wrong! AdSense has more than proved its worth to advertisers, users and publishers.

A similar sense of skepticism greeted Google's launch of AdLink units. With nothing more than a list of links (which then lead to the ads), these units contain even less information than a traditional AdSense unit. And the user has to click twice before the publisher gets paid. That makes them sound about as welcoming as a winter barbeque in Siberia.

It took a while for publishers to discover that actually AdLink units weren't as bad as they looked, and that with a smart bit of positioning they could actually take advantage of the way some pages are laid out. In fact, for some designs, they were able to reach parts that other AdSense units just couldn't reach!

And best of all, publishers quickly discovered that once someone clicked on an AdLink unit, they would almost always click on the ad that followed. That did their revenues the world of good and removed the two-click doubt.

The old AdLink units then were effective, but fairly limited. They were great if you knew the one or two places on the page to use them but not so good if you didn't. Recently though, Google has launched horizontal AdLink units that have taken these ads into a whole new realm. Because they fit neatly across a page they're useful for a much broader range of page designs and are much more flexible. On the other hand though, they're now competing for space directly with the traditional ad units, making it even harder for publishers to figure out which ads to place where.

Google AdSense Secrets v3.0

Is all this good news for publishers or bad news?

It's great news for savvy publishers who have more tools to maximize their AdSense revenues (and know what to do with those tools) but it's bad news for people who don't make the effort to learn how use AdSense - and now have more ways to miss out.

For more Google AdSense tips, visit

Copyright © 2005 Joel Comm. All rights reserved

Joel Comm is Dr. AdSense, an Internet entrepreneur who has been online for more than 20 years. Joel is co-creator of, now known as Yahoo! Games and is the author of the web's best-selling AdSense ebook, "Google AdSense Secrets (Or What Google Never Told You About Making Money With Adsense)".

Can You Earn Money Blogging?

Yes without a doubt!

Recently I joined payperpost to earn extra money blogging and so far I love it.
PayPerPost pays bloggers to write articles on their blogs.

To start most bloggers earn around $4-$10 for each article they write, with the potential to earn hundreds or even thousands per blog article depending on their PR.

PPP's interface is very easy to navigate. We are paid 30 days from the day we post the opp. The opps get reviewed usually within a few days to a week after submitting the opp.

How does PPP work?
Advertisers need to promote their websites, products, businesses, in order to gain more customers to make more money.

Advertisers pay payperpost to promote their business.
PayPerpost pays you the blogger to review and blog about the advertiser's business.
You blog your opinion about the advertiser's business.

It's definitely a Win-Win situation for them and for you!
The advertiser gets valuable feedback, builds traffic, gain link backs for search engine ranking.
Payperpost earns money & new customers.
You will gain new & repeat visitors when you blog your honest, helpful reviews.
Your readers will keep coming back knowing that your not blogging just for the sole purpose of money, that they can count on you for an honest opinion.
Plus as a bonus you can earn good money too.

I look forward to blogging for PayPerPost for a long time and using the money to pay bills and maybe a night out here and there.

If you like blogging why not join PayPerPost and earn a little extra money for your time and effort blogging.
Are you ready to start? You can easily start right now by reviewing my post, and you'll earn $7.50.
Click on the banner below and start now!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

4 Easy Ways to Get Advertisers on Your Site

Pump up your profit margin with these simple tips for attracting advertisers.
By Derek Gehl

If you're just getting started on the internet--or simply looking for ways to add new revenue streams to your business--you might be considering accepting ads for other companies' products on your website.

Who wouldn't like to make a few extra bucks without any effort? You just put up a few ads on your site and wait for the cash to roll in, right?

Not necessarily.

Your Ad Here

To make your site attractive to companies looking for ad space, you'll need to have a great niche market, tons of traffic and the promise of good ad placement on your site. However, if you don't have all these elements in place yet, there are still ways for you to make money from ads on your site. The easiest--and often the most successful--include:

1. Promote an affiliate product on your site.
Joining another company's affiliate program is one of the simplest ways to get started with internet advertising. While affiliate links aren't technically ads, they allow you to make money by promoting someone else's product. As an affiliate, you earn a commission each time someone you've referred makes a purchase. To encourage sales, you might post a banner on your site that links to the affiliate site or publish a newsletter article about their product.

Different affiliate programs offer different payout options. Some might offer 10 percent commission for each sale, while others pay up to 50 percent of each sale. You'll want to shop around for the best deal for you and the best fit for your site. To find good affiliate programs, check out the following directories:

* Associate Programs
* Affiliates Directory
* Refer-It

Some internet advertising pros are actually making all their income from signing on with multiple affiliate programs. They don't even have a product of their own! This isn't a strategy for beginners, however, so take some time to check out different programs before committing to this option.

2. Use targeted advertising with Google AdSense.
Google's AdSense program allows you to make money advertising on your site by placing targeted text ads generated by Google on your pages. The ads appear in rectangular boxes running down the side or across the bottom of a web page with the words "Ads by Google" over the top. These ads are paid for by businesses that use Google's pay-per-click program, AdWords. These ads reflect the content on your site, so if your site sells a book on how to recognize authentic baseball cards, for example, the ads that appear on your site might be for baseball card retailers.

As a Google AdSense publisher, you earn money every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of the AdWords ads on your site. If you're getting a lot of targeted traffic--and if these visitors are interested in the products being advertised--that could mean a healthy new source of extra income for you.

Best of all, Google AdSense is free to join. It's easy, too. Google does all the work of finding relevant ads for your site--you just collect the payments.

A word of warning: Google ads don't work for all sites, so if you add them, be sure to test them. You don't want to lose credibility with your target market.

3. Approach companies directly to ask if you can advertise for them.
If your site is already getting lots of traffic, try looking for sites that offer complementary products and target the same niche market as you do. For instance, if you own a bridal shop, you could approach a local florist to see if they'd like to advertise their wedding bouquets on your site. An ad on your site would also be seen as an implicit recommendation of their product, and it could send a ton of brides to their site. And the more successful your ads are, the more you can charge for them.

Be sure to contact potential internet advertising partners in a professional manner. Call them on the phone instead of just e-mailing them so your communication is more personal and professional. Be ready to supply them with information about your business and your site traffic. The more information you can give them, the more likely they'll be to consider your offer. And above all, make sure they have a solid reputation. If you partner with a questionable company, their activities could reflect poorly on your business.

4. Sign up for a blog-specific ad program.
If you have a blog, consider signing up to feature blog-specific ads on your site. The key is to consider the kinds of ads your target audience will find valuable. Here are some great ways to attract advertisers to your blog:

* Sign up with a context-based ad program like Google's AdSense that will automatically generate ads for your site that you can put up within minutes of being accepted to their program. Crisp Ads offers a similar program, but only for blogs.
* Place Amazon Associates ads on your site, and feature ads for products you personally use or are happy to endorse. That way, your customers are responding to your recommendations.
* Get advertisers interested in your blog with a link they can use to contact you for rates and requirements. This link can be a simple message saying "Click here to find out how to advertise on this blog!" That way, anyone visiting your site is free to discuss advertising opportunities with you.
* Sign up with an advertiser-publisher connection program like BlogAds or AdBrite, and get listed in their publishers' directory. One important note: With these types of ads, the advertisers look through listings of thousands of blogs to choose the right people to promote their products. Unless you're getting thousands of visitors a day, they might not be all that interested in doing business with you.

Making money from your site isn't a matter of putting up a few ads and grabbing a paycheck--it takes a lot of research and testing on an already established site to make even the best internet advertising strategies truly pay off.

Even then, you may find that your audience resists the presence of ads. If you're putting people off by placing ads on your pages, you could end up losing more customers and revenue than you actually gain. To make sure this doesn't happen, test every aspect of each new ad campaign you run.

Once you do discover the internet advertising strategies that work best for your site, you can try promoting another product, and then another. Soon, all those added revenue streams will combine to swell your profits.

Derek Gehl is's "E-Business" columnist and the CEO of the Internet Marketing Center, an internet marketing firm that has helped thousands of people learn to start and run their own online businesses.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Are You Targeting Your Customers?

What is Targeting?
Targeting allows us to instantly pick the best ads to show people when they visit sites, this means better quality visitors see your ads, higher click through rates, and more sales or signup's for you.

Category driven targeting means only people who are actually interested in seeing your ad will see it.

Get Triple Ad Exposure With our System
Your targeted ad will be shown three times every time you show one AdsVert ad.

Incredible viral marketing system
Each ad contains a special link called a referral link, this means every time you show an ad you are not only earning triple advertising exposure, but you are also promoting your own viral marketing system. If somebody joins via your referral link you will earn an instant advertising bonus, you will also earn extra advertising every time they show an ad, and it doesn't stop there. If somebody joins via your referrals link you gain another instant advertising bonus, and even more residual advertising. This carries on for 5 levels giving you an incredible massive passive viral advertising system.

With our flexible system you can install text ads on any web site very quickly, and with the minimum of fuss. Our system supports two types of ad installations, floating and static. Floating Ads Floaters are very quick to install and easy to use, these type of ads can be installed on any web site and can be used in conjunction with affiliate links. You don't have to modify any html or even own the site. Floaters hover over the top of web site content, they can be moved by the end user and closed if the viewer wishes. Note: Floaters are NOT popups. Static Ads Static ads are slightly harder to install and you must have access to a sites HTML to use them, static ads cannot be moved or closed by the end user like floaters can.

Let me show you how it works.
I could just refer you to by giving you this link:

Now go check it out using a floater ad:

See how cool it is yourself. You can move my banner in the right hand corner anywhere you want on the page if its in your way.
You can use this on all your referral links if you want and why wouldn't you want more exposure?

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Teaching Child Entrepreneurs- Not Just for Kids..

Forget space aliens and race cars, here's a game that gives kids skills they can use for the rest of thei lives. Hot Shot Business is a fast paced simulation game for budding entrepreneurs, where kids can open their own pet spa, skateboard factory or candy shop.

Young business owners start marketing campaigns, change products, services, and prices, and most importantly, respond quickly to demanding customers and big news events.

Do you have a account?
Log in to your account or create one today to do
all this cool stuff in Hot Shot Business!

  • Collect Badges earned by playing the game!
  • Create your own personalized Hot Shot Business player profile, and view your friends' profiles!
  • Unlock the special Opp City Tycoon business:
    Gateway Travel!
  • View your complete business history and your all-time high scores!
  • Access the Disney family of businesses*
Registration is free!

If you've ever wanted to explain to a your child what it is you do for a living this will not only explain it but also teach them.

PS. It's not just for kids. I played it and thought it was pretty cool, but maybe I'm a kid at heart.
Let me know what you think of it?

Monday, July 16, 2007

New Forum Pays You $25 to Refer New Members

I joined this cool forum that pays their members $25 to refer new members.
Its a forum for webmasters, computer help, online offline gaming, graphics and computer consoles.
They have lots of internet resources all in one big website to help you out in every way possible. Please visit the forum here, when you register you can also get your own FREE blog & start referring too.
Also they have free flash arcade games, free image hosting, free downloads.

Anyone that joins with my link I'll also add your link to the side of my blog.
Please just leave a comment once you've joined so I know who to add.
Thank you.

Its a great forum even if it wasn't for the incentive to join. Its another great way to get some exposure for your blog to increase your visitors and earnings..

Click Here to see for yourself.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Secrets to a Successful Blog...

Tips from some of my favorite bloggers:

Lee Dodd,
10 Ways to Become a More Efficient Webmaster
Backlink Monitor - For the longest time I would manually monitor the number of backlinks to my sites by using the good ole link: search in Google. As my network grew this became a tedious task that grew old rather quickly. This brings me to a very new Earners Forum Tool that both the backlinks and indexed pages in Google for an unlimied number of sites (Google API key needed). You can add your entire network of sites individually or through a bulk upload (whether it be 3 or 3,000) in to this tool and it will keep track of this data for you.

Success recipes most people know, but too few follow
Stay authentic. That means always doing what truly matters to you and is part of who you are. The simplest definition of a hypocrite is someone who says one thing and does another: like a person who says that he or she wants to work at something that benefits society, then forgets that at the first sight of a fistful of dollar bills. Somewhere inside of you is a part that recalls what truly matters and will never quite let you forget it. Over the years, that inner voice is only going to get louder.

Chris Garrett on New Media,
Where To Find Fresh Blogs and How To Get Your Blog Discovered
Link out, link well, link often - Key advise, much repeated but worth repeating. How you link will be as important as where and how often. Add your thoughts, extend an invitation to continue the conversation. In effect you are introducing yourself, give a good impression.

Wealth Junkie,

Context is Everything
The key to maximizing your advertising revenue, it seems, is to keep all of your posts on your blog within your desired niche. I have heard that it pays to specialize for your blog, and it would seem that this is why.

Susan Suarez,
If You Build It Will They Come?
Bookmarking - Because it can be very hard to get noticed in the growing number of websites on the internet, it’s great to use bookmarking services… Digg is a bit hard to get your foot in as the site is much larger nowadays but you can use the front page results to your advantage. If an article related to your niche hits the front page, try writing a post on a similar topic and submit it to Digg. It’s worked for me in the past and you should receive some additional visitors from it.

3 Things Before Launching A Website - TFS 20
This is very important IMO. The item has to have a viral component so it can spread itself. Again take AucitonAds as an example… We spent a bit on advertising at first but over 80% of new signups come from seeing the ad placed on websites. Not from our banners. Now AuctionAds gets over 200 new users every day and we spend nothing on advertising.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

How to Get Free Advertising...

Adgrid Networks is a free advertising resource that is similar to adsense or ad exchange. It's fast and easy to set up.
You create an ad through their simple step by step process, place the code on your web page, and your ad will circulate on other web pages according to the category you choose.
Took me 5 minutes to register and have my ad up and running.
Thousands of sites are already using this free advertising website.
Free Advertising

It’s 100% free!

A Great way to increase your traffic.

Improve your search engine rankings.

Promote to your targeted audience.

Free tracking tools gives you details on users that are viewing your advertisements.

Attractive advertisement blocks & text links.

Since adgridwork's ads are visually distinct from Adsense ads, you can safely display both on the same site.


If you want to have a successful website, you should do your best to get into the first three pages of as many search engines as possible.

TopSitePromotion is one of the best submission engines I've ever seen. Have your site submitted to nearly 300 engines and directories.
You will save time and gain visibility, and your rankings will get better as we and new members link to you.
It works fast and 99% of their form are up-to-date.

Free promotion


Sales Spider - Access 10,000 Plus Leads Instantly Absolutely Free! Get your profile mailed to over 77,940 members!


I have been using this amazing free advertising tool. just could be the first Internet Marketing tool to be more powerful than email marketing!

Check it out!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Build a 100,000 member opt-in list in only 30 days

It has always been said that the money is in the list. And
like in real estate, where the 3 most important things are
"Location, Location, Location."

In marketing it's:

The List
The List
The List

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Evolution is Coming!

JULY 14 2007- This is going to be bigger than Google!!

* Discover a market growing four times faster than the Internet.

* The growth is worth the equivalent of $412 every second of every hour of every day.

* Learn how having fun, being entertained and social networking can earn you money!

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* Be one of the first to learn how this powerful business, using a simple system, can earn you a fortune! Register for free below now.

In every revolution, there are winners and losers. The winners will be those pioneers who use insider knowledge and contacts to exploit emerging trends and ride the crest of the wave. The losers will be the bystanders who watch them make their fortune.

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

What is the Best Way to Learn how to Write a Successful Blog?

Read successful blogs!! The successful blogs got where they are for a reason, they provide great content & have great headlines. Bloggers that have been successful for a long time have perfected their blogging skills by working at it. Nobody is born a pro-blogger overnight, well maybe John Chow and ShoeMoney not to mention a few others.
Learn from them, and even if you are a great blogger you can always learn more.

Having said that here's some great posts from some great bloggers! These are some of my favorite bloggers that I like to read and learn from.
Hopefully reading their blogs will help me follow in their footsteps to having a successful blog.

  1. A post from I Help you Blog I like has a lot of helpful ideas for bloggers to make your blog sizzle is 101 Great Posting Ideas That Will Make Your Blog Sizzle.

"Great posts are hard to do consistently on a day-to-day basis. Probloggers really have to work at it. I thought about all the different ways and angles a blogger can approach choosing posting topics. Here are 101 different ideas that I think are great to stimulate your mind and jumpstart your blogging."

2. A great post from's blog about How To Use Contests To Drive Traffic & Make Money.

"Holding a blog contest is a great way to drive some traffic to your blog. However, most bloggers don’t get a big a bang as they could from their contests because they don’t have a clearly defined goal on what the contest should accomplish. Before holding a blog contest, ask yourself what you want the contest to do because a contest to drive traffic won’t be the same as contest to increase links."

3. Here's a great tip posted at Gather Success. The article is called How To Get A Software For FREE & Sell In 7 Days!

"I can actually keep this to myself, but I seriously want to help you guys so I thought of sharing this nice idea with you guys =) I am doing this in hopes someone right here who is reading this uses this and creates a product and email me for joint venture.. =P

Here is how you can get software which are totally free and sell it in 7 days or less!"

4. Read Savvy Affiliate to learn 3 Ways To Get Easy Free Backlinks.

"Sure, everyone would like to slowly build up their site with content and climb the search engine rankings. That may be good in the long term, but occasionally you just want some quick and easy links. They may not have the best anchor text, they may not be as valuable as a review from an A list blogger, but a link is a link

Here are some places you can satisfy your urging for quick and dirty links."

WordLinx - Buy Real Visitors

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blast Your Ad to Over 15,000 Opt-in Prospects!

Submit Your Solo Email Ad to All Showmylinks Members!

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Heres a new directory to add your blog to.
Top Directory

How To Monetize Your Blog More Effectively

How To Monetize
Your Blog More Effectively

So you've done the hard've chosen
the niche market that you are going to target, you've created
the content that they'd be interested in, you've implemented
your onpage and offpage search engine optimization and finally
you've managed to establish your blog in it's market and are
being rewarded by a steady flow of traffic from the search
engines and other sources.

Now - Your BIG question is -

"How do you convert this steady flow of traffic into money"?

You will no doubt already be trying certain
methods, an AdSense ad here and an affiliate link there, for
example, but there's something new that I wanted to tell you

This "something new" will do three
things for your blog:

1. It will instantly make it more profitable.

2. It will give it more keyword rich content pages which will
give it more search engine rankings which will increase that "steady flow
of traffic" and make it even more profitable.

3. It will give it another dimension further distinguishing
it from its competitors whilst enhancing your visitors experience.

So what is this "something new"?

It's a clever piece of software called Build
A Niche Store
and what it does is enable you to instantly build an affiliate
store made up of eBay's products and matched to your target niche.

This means that if you have a Golf blog, with
Build A Niche Store you will be able to add all of eBay's
golf products to it, and if you have an Antiques blog then
you will be able to add all of eBay's antique
get the idea.

You simply install the script, choose your niche, press build
and you automatically have your own niche specific affiliate store which updates
automatically (Yes - NO data feeds!) and which:

1. Will generate money for you when one of
your blog visitors buys an item through it.

2. Will give your blog hundreds or thousands
(depending on your niche) content rich product pages which
will get indexed in the search engines targeting keywords
you would otherwise not be reaching.

3. Will add a shopping experience for your visitors.

It's truly a great piece of software and looks set to become
all the rage in the coming year.

You can check out the official Build A Niche Store website where
you'll find case studies and a live demo which is sure to get your creative
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This one gets my thumbs up!

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Get Your site listed in 2 Mins!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Want A FREE Optin List of Thousands ... By Tomorrow?

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fast Easy Ways to Earn Money!

I joined A W Surveys and made $28 in a half hour. I can't believe how easy it was!
Its free to join and you simply write short reviews (about 3 sentences each review) for online Websites.
The sites you review are work at home opportunities, survey sites, etc.
You get paid $4 for every 2 reviews, so thats $2 each review and they literally take a couple minutes each to do.
Refer Friends and Earn $1.25 per Friend.
Cash out amount is $75 but I'm already at $28, so at this rate I can cash out in a few days.

Two Payment methods. Option 1 includes USPS and is free, which generally takes 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Option 2 includes the use of Paypal, where a ($25) Expedited Service Charge is applied and taken directly from your A.W.Surveys account with us. Option 2 generally takes less than 5 Days.
I'm not crazy about option 2 so I'll have it sent regular mail.

Do you like to do surveys? You can make some extra cash by doig a few surveys when you have time. Heres some good survey panels that I've earned from.

We Pay For Your Opinion!

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