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Saturday, March 29, 2008

One Site, One Goal= Free Traffic

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great tip to get indexed instantly

I found a great tip by Bill from The Blog Entrepreneur of how to get your blog indexed almost instantly.

Heres his simple tip:

* Before you publish it, Go to Google and search on the first complete sentence of your post. You MUST use quotation marks around the words being searched on. You need to make it long enough so that there will not be another site out there with this exact sentence.
* You should return zero results for your search. If you don’t then the sentence is too short. Try again.
* Now go publish your post and wait about 10 minutes.
* Do the same search again using quotes again. Voila. Your post should show up….just like the For Sale Post did. It took about 10 minutes for this to be indexed. Your results may vary but if you want your content out there as fast as possible, this is the way to do it.
* For this example I typed the first line of the post into Google search…”I may not be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree but I have noticed a trend lately”
* It returned no results at first, but 10 minutes later you can see I am indexed and in the Google search results.

I'm testing it now with this blog post. I just did a search for the first sentence "I found a great tip by Bill from The Blog Entrepreneur of how to get your blog indexed almost instantly.", and it's not indexed yet, so I'll give it a few minutes and re-check and it should be there.

Try it out for yourself.

Click here to read the rest of his post.
Thank you Bill for a great tip!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Could You Use $100?

I know I sure can!
So heres another free contest by to enter with a great prize of $100!

To gain entries into the contest, all you have to do is any of the following:

- Make a comment of value (not just “i agree”, etc.) on a post = 1 entry (remember to comment on all the blogs participating-I listed them below)
- Subscribe to RSS via email = 2 entries (per blog you subscribe to!)
- Write a post about the contest on your blog (must include a link to the contest page and the links below of participating blogs) = 25 entries

Heres all the blogs that are part of this contest.
Link Bait
Gorilla Sushi
CK Marketing
The Big Bald Blog
How 2 Blogger
Jason Boom
Mr Javo

So this is 25 entries for me. Not bad, huh? Of course I'm hoping I win but good luck to you too if you deide to enter.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

$9,191 in FREE Cash & Prizes!

Winning the web is having The Craziest Internet Marketing Contest You’ve Ever Seen!

The contest ends March 31 and their giving away tons of great prizes worth $9,191.

Here is the list of prizes:

* $650 Cash from Azoogle Ads
* $500 Cash from PepperJam Network
* $250 Cash from NeverblueAds
* $200 Cash from BidVertiser
* $200 Cash from AffSpy
* $100 Cash from The Social Millionaire
* Ipod Touch 8GB from Shoemoney ($299 value)
* 1 Full Conference Pass to Affiliate Summit East ($949 value)
* 3 Month Membership to Aaron Wall’s SEO Training Program ($300 value)
* 6 Month Membership to SEOmoz Pro ($249 value)
* 12 Month Subscription to RankSense Professional ($630 value)
* 26 Week Internet Marketing Plan from Purple Internet Marketing ($800 value)
* The Secret Classroom from Joel Comm & Next Internet Millionaire ($497 value)
* Autographed Copy of Kris’ Jones Upcoming Book on SEO ($20 value)
* Copy of the SEO Handbook 2008 from HuoMah ($10 value)
* 8 PSD Custom Banner Designs from Banners Mall ($275 value)
* 1 Year Membership to Hlola ($354 value)
* 2 Year Subscription to GoStats Pro ($180 value)
* 1 License to Website Optimal Performance ($97 value)
* 5 Licenses to OIO Publisher (5 winners - $37 value each)
* 2 Exclusive Blog Themes from Unique Blog Designs (2 winners - $100 value each)
* 2 Revolution Wordpress Blog Themes from Brian Gardner (2 winners -$80 value each)
* Wordpress Coding from CSS Rockstars ($209 value)
* 1 Year Swamp Plan Web Hosting from Host Gator ($150 value)
* 1 Hour Blog Optimization Consulting from Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips ($175 value)
* Blog Consultation Report from Jay Francis Hunter of Scribbles and Words ($90 value)
* 1 Year Sponsored Category Listing & 1 Year Premium Upgraded Membership from Blog Catalog (2 winners - $300 & $72 value)
* 3 Fast Passes, 3 Featured Statuses, and 5000 Credits from Entrecard
* 3 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on ($100 value)
* 1 Month Text Link Ad on Ades Blog ($90 value)
* 1 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on John Cow ($125 value)
* 1 Month 468×60 Banner Ad on ($60 value)
* 6 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on ($300 value)
* 1 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on Affiliate Confession ($35 value)
* 4 $25 Pre-paid Calling Cards from Pingo (4 winners - $25 value each)
* 1 Paid Review on Winning the Web - sponsored by 1 Cool File ($100 value)
* 20 Winning the Web T-shirts (20 winners - $9 value each)

It is very easy to participate.
You have to do just simple things like join their mailing list(required), commenting, subscibe to their feed, blog about the contest, & lots of other ways.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Watch your Site get to #1 in 120 Days!

Theres been a lot of talk about 1on40. Their site promises you a top #1 spot in Google, and 39 other top search engine in 120 days based on your 5 keywords.

I decided to give it a try. If you'd like to try also heres the link to join.

They claim that the Top referrer this period has earned over £200,000GBP in redeemable credits, subject to terms.
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It will stay there for seven (7) days FREE of charge to prove our service and then you have to bid to keep it there. Unfortunately, if you miss the bid or decide NOT to bid on your URL will fall from the top within a few days and head back to its original position within a week or two.

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