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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Secrets to a Successful Blog...

Tips from some of my favorite bloggers:

Lee Dodd,
10 Ways to Become a More Efficient Webmaster
Backlink Monitor - For the longest time I would manually monitor the number of backlinks to my sites by using the good ole link: search in Google. As my network grew this became a tedious task that grew old rather quickly. This brings me to a very new Earners Forum Tool that both the backlinks and indexed pages in Google for an unlimied number of sites (Google API key needed). You can add your entire network of sites individually or through a bulk upload (whether it be 3 or 3,000) in to this tool and it will keep track of this data for you.

Success recipes most people know, but too few follow
Stay authentic. That means always doing what truly matters to you and is part of who you are. The simplest definition of a hypocrite is someone who says one thing and does another: like a person who says that he or she wants to work at something that benefits society, then forgets that at the first sight of a fistful of dollar bills. Somewhere inside of you is a part that recalls what truly matters and will never quite let you forget it. Over the years, that inner voice is only going to get louder.

Chris Garrett on New Media,
Where To Find Fresh Blogs and How To Get Your Blog Discovered
Link out, link well, link often - Key advise, much repeated but worth repeating. How you link will be as important as where and how often. Add your thoughts, extend an invitation to continue the conversation. In effect you are introducing yourself, give a good impression.

Wealth Junkie,

Context is Everything
The key to maximizing your advertising revenue, it seems, is to keep all of your posts on your blog within your desired niche. I have heard that it pays to specialize for your blog, and it would seem that this is why.

Susan Suarez,
If You Build It Will They Come?
Bookmarking - Because it can be very hard to get noticed in the growing number of websites on the internet, it’s great to use bookmarking services… Digg is a bit hard to get your foot in as the site is much larger nowadays but you can use the front page results to your advantage. If an article related to your niche hits the front page, try writing a post on a similar topic and submit it to Digg. It’s worked for me in the past and you should receive some additional visitors from it.

3 Things Before Launching A Website - TFS 20
This is very important IMO. The item has to have a viral component so it can spread itself. Again take AucitonAds as an example… We spent a bit on advertising at first but over 80% of new signups come from seeing the ad placed on websites. Not from our banners. Now AuctionAds gets over 200 new users every day and we spend nothing on advertising.


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