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Monday, July 16, 2007

New Forum Pays You $25 to Refer New Members

I joined this cool forum that pays their members $25 to refer new members.
Its a forum for webmasters, computer help, online offline gaming, graphics and computer consoles.
They have lots of internet resources all in one big website to help you out in every way possible. Please visit the forum here, when you register you can also get your own FREE blog & start referring too.
Also they have free flash arcade games, free image hosting, free downloads.

Anyone that joins with my link I'll also add your link to the side of my blog.
Please just leave a comment once you've joined so I know who to add.
Thank you.

Its a great forum even if it wasn't for the incentive to join. Its another great way to get some exposure for your blog to increase your visitors and earnings..

Click Here to see for yourself.

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