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Monday, July 23, 2007

Are You Targeting Your Customers?

What is Targeting?
Targeting allows us to instantly pick the best ads to show people when they visit sites, this means better quality visitors see your ads, higher click through rates, and more sales or signup's for you.

Category driven targeting means only people who are actually interested in seeing your ad will see it.

Get Triple Ad Exposure With our System
Your targeted ad will be shown three times every time you show one AdsVert ad.

Incredible viral marketing system
Each ad contains a special link called a referral link, this means every time you show an ad you are not only earning triple advertising exposure, but you are also promoting your own viral marketing system. If somebody joins via your referral link you will earn an instant advertising bonus, you will also earn extra advertising every time they show an ad, and it doesn't stop there. If somebody joins via your referrals link you gain another instant advertising bonus, and even more residual advertising. This carries on for 5 levels giving you an incredible massive passive viral advertising system.

With our flexible system you can install text ads on any web site very quickly, and with the minimum of fuss. Our system supports two types of ad installations, floating and static. Floating Ads Floaters are very quick to install and easy to use, these type of ads can be installed on any web site and can be used in conjunction with affiliate links. You don't have to modify any html or even own the site. Floaters hover over the top of web site content, they can be moved by the end user and closed if the viewer wishes. Note: Floaters are NOT popups. Static Ads Static ads are slightly harder to install and you must have access to a sites HTML to use them, static ads cannot be moved or closed by the end user like floaters can.

Let me show you how it works.
I could just refer you to by giving you this link:

Now go check it out using a floater ad:

See how cool it is yourself. You can move my banner in the right hand corner anywhere you want on the page if its in your way.
You can use this on all your referral links if you want and why wouldn't you want more exposure?

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