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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yes it's Thursday, PayDay!!!

If you've haven't joined MyWorldPlus yet, I hope for your sake you join before tonight when hundreds of new members below you will pass you by forever.

Tonight's cut-off is going to be Huge!!

If your already pre-enrolled come listen in tonight's Live call. If you need the number let me know.
The call starts at 9pm EST, make sure your a few minutes early to get in before its full.

If your just hearing about MyWorldPlus for the first time and your not sure what all the excitement is about, you can Take the Free Tour to see for yourself or you can Go Here to watch the free movie clip to fill you in on this exciting opportunity!

MyWorldPlus is having 2 promotions for all members.
The top 10 recruiters this month will win cash, and so far Rachel looks like she might win with over 120 personally enrolled members already for this month!! If she wins she'll get $1,000 cash! Good for you Rachel!!

Also the 3 members that save the most money with their membership will win cash & prizes too. The top prize for for the member that saves the most money from their membership is a new laptop computer! So far the person in the lead is Howard. He saved over $1,000 just from one item so far this month!
Go Howard!!!

Wow just shows you how much you can save being a member with MyWorldPlus!! You can literally save thousands each and every month with your membership!

I can't understand how anyone wouldn't join, do you?? If you spend $2o a month at the store, you can afford to join, who doesn't want to save hundreds, or thousands every month.

If I said give me $20 and I'll give you hundreds or thousands of dollars back, would you do it? Of course you would!! You'd be crazy not too, and this is the same.
Its crazy not to join and save tons of money!!

On your membership website you'll have hundreds of dollars in coupons each month, plus hundreds of dollars in buy 1 get 1 free offers, plus money refunds when you buy items and so much more!! Besides restaurants, you can save on clothes, hotels, cruises, renting cars, movies, sporting events, golf skiing, food shopping, electonics stores.
Just about any kind of store you can think of is part of your savings when you join.

You just can't imagine how much you can save til you actually see it! I know it was much better than I expected. I was leary of joining like I'm sure you are, because I know so many so called opportunites are just scams. I've been there, done that and don't plan on going back! I could just tell this was different and boy was I right! The savings are unreal!!

Every day you wait to join, your just giving money away. Stop giving away all your money and start saving! I know you won't be sorry.

I hope to see your name on the call tonight, and I hope to see your name on list of winners soon too!