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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Trading Penny Stocks

I just read this interesting article on Penny Trading and this guy seems to know what hes doing. Hes had amazing results.
So intriguing I think I'm going to give it a shot especially with the deal hes giving. You have 8 weeks to try his offer and you can even postdate your check, and if its not as good as he claims he'll give you your check back. And well if its as good as he claims who cares if he cashes my check. It doesn't cost much anyway.
Heres part of the article.

My name is Tom Hunter. I think you may want to call me as soon as you read this message. If so, my number is (020)4429353.

Maybe you’ll even want to visit me. In case you do, I’m located at Grant House, Leeds (United Kingdom). That’s right across from City Hall and exactly opposite the Public Library.

Anyway, here’s why I’m writing:
Above: Michael and His Father in 1999

If you would like to know about an unusual way to make serious money trading Penny Stocks (and make it very fast). This may be the most important message you will ever read.

First, let me say, this is a rather unusual story. You see, back in 1987 one of America’s top trading gurus began publishing a weekly newsletter.

A newsletter soon to become not only one of the most respected, but also “THE” most profitable resource on earth for discovering hot and extremely profitable penny stock trades... week after week... month after month... year after year... for 15 years!

This newsletter is one of the oldest of its kind, and the small minority of people privileged and lucky enough to be signed up over the years.....

Have Literally Made Untold Millions Of Dollars
Just From Doing Exactly As The Advice Suggests...
No More And No Less!

To read the rest click here.

Has anyone had any luck with this? I'll update how I do.