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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Are you ready for a change?

Do you want to make some serious money and at the same time successfully promote your other opportunities? If your answer is yes, please read on...

Veretekk leads the industry in marketing automation and has been providing instant productivity and control for thousands of savvy marketers since 1998.

Veretekk is free to join.

Make a serious income with the new Veretekk Affiliate program.

Build Your Primary Business and create a nice Secondary Income at the Same Time!

The compensation plan is real easy to explain and to understand. Basically we pay out 90% of the setup fee and 50% of the monthly subscription fee.

10 x 10 x 10 Unilevel example...

You join as a Veretekk Silver subscriber. Silver only pays on one level:

* Setup Commission $60.00
* Monthly commission $0.00. The pay out comes when someone you enrolled upgrades to Gold.

When you upgrade to Gold your pay out goes to three levels that pays out like this:

* Level one:Setup commission $60.00
* Monthly commission $0.00
* Level two:Setup commission $20.00
* Monthly commission $5.00
* Level three:Setup commission $10.00
* Monthly commission $15.00

This is an illustration of what you could expect if 10 signed up 10 and they signed up 10, etc. Your results may differ better or worse. But considering the aforementioned example your monthly income could be $15,500 per month pretty fast!
Some will do better and some not as well. But even with only 100 in your third level you would receive over $1,500 per month.

You also need to consider this....Veretekk works right now.

We are not promising something in the future. We are delivering a lead and marketing system that has been tested and proven to work beyond expectations!

Silver shows you how well it works. We teach you how to make it work. But Gold allows full customization, access to all the Traffic Portals and tools and after all, Gold is designed to promote your business, and if your not only getting access to all the power of Gold but making a ton of cash how easy is it going to be to build your primary business or businesses? And that is exactly what the Gold Veretekk system will do!
It will build your business beyond your expectations.

When you receive your first payment email alert from Veretekk you go to Paystone and setup your account. It is so wonderfully simple!
Once you setup your account, Veretekk transfers your commissions into your Paystone account. From your Paystone account you can choose an International Visa debit card or transfer the funds into your banking account or have then mail you your check. Paystone is in place and recognizes most countries in the world. It is that simple.

By the way, it took us two days to build the compensation technology and eight years to build Veretekk! What does that tell you about those other opportunities out their that launch the infamous pre launch and pay out but never deliver the promise? Think about it. See you at the bank! Oh yea, you are never alone with Veretekk!

Try Veretekk absolutely free! See it in action first, then decide if you want to upgrade. The only true risk free offer. GUARANTEED!

Not just a limited free trial either!. We offer you more value than any other marketing system, PERIOD! I know you hear this everywhere else. Part of the game in this world! Like they say, no one is guilty on death row! Right! Well? Does anyone else offer this collection of tools and marketing systems for FREE for LIFE totally risk free? NO THEY DON'T! In fact nowhere else does anyone have anything even remotely like it.

There really isn't anything that I can say that will explain the elegance and effectiveness of Veretekk to you. You have to experience it yourself!
Simply go to Veretekk and fill out the form to see for yourself.
It is absolutely free. No obligations whatsoever!


  1. If only it were that easy! Unfortunately the reality is something quite different: 10 never sign up 10 who sign up 10 who ...

    Good luck anyway.

  2. Probably true but can't hurt to try. I'll be happy if 4 did it. I'm not greedy. :D
    Thanks for commenting Mike.


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